Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010 Lisa

Dear Family and Friends,

Ginny called today with very good news. Joe graduated today from physical therapy!

His lower body is VERY strong given his displined workouts at the track and his conscientiousness in giving 110% to his PT regimen. His physical therapists played Pomp and Circumstance graduation music to celebrate his matriculation; we are all so proud of him and grateful for his wonderful therapists! Joe will continue at the Shelby Center in Huntsville for occupational therapy as the left side of his upper body still needs work. His left upper body is not so much "left side neglect" as it is "left side inattention" so more work is needed there. We are so grateful for Joe's graduation from PT because it frees up Ginny and Joe's schedule to get to U. of AL-Birmingham Low Vision Clinic.

The BEST BEST BEST news is that Ginny is driving Joe and Stephen to Circleville on July 28 to see family and friends. We are sooooooooooooo elated about this news as the Omaha Scherer Family will be in Circleville from July 26 through Aug. 3 so we will be able to see Joe, Ginny and Stephen (sad that Keith won't be there as he has summer finals that week!). In addition, we already were coordinating with Joe's brother Paul, his wife, Lisa, and their children Devon and Nick to come to Circleville. We might have all the sibs and family together with Mom and Dad Leahy in Circleville as well as many of Ginny sibs and her parents, Mel and Kay Warnecke, at Indian Lakes, Ohio.

So much tragedy, loss, and sadness, yet so much gratitude and hope. Our family thanks all who have prayed for us and helped our family in any way. You are blessed. Remember our Good Lord cannot be outdone in generosity, and we wish you many more blessings, and we dare to presume that you will continue to keep Joe and our family in your prayers.