Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

Joe and Ginny as well as their entire extended family all over the country wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Know we have all of you collectively in our prayers of gratitude as we know that Joe still being with us is a gift and we are so deeply appreciatively for all your prayers and support. Below is a message from Ginny she asked me to post. Love and Blessings to all, Lisa

Everything is getting back to normal. Joe was released to return to his various therapies late last week so this week there have been evaluations of his current condition. Lots of good news. No real set-backs anywhere. The only change was a some decline in his left hand grip strength. His left side has been weaker, all along. But his left leg is caught up totally, left hand lingers but is fully functional, just not as strong as the right. This is actually true for most right handed folks in any case but overall strengthening of both hands and all muscles is the goal.

A few evenings ago we jogged two miles. We were really excited. Not sure we will be able to do the 5K on Thanksgiving morning but we are hopeful. If the weather is bad though, we will need to skip it in any case. Poor conditions would make it to dangerous from a falling perspective.

The MRSA infection is nearly licked. If things continue to go well, the antibiotics will be DC'd (discontinued) tomorrow, the day before Stephen's birthday. We are very excited to be done with the picc tube/IV medicine. Having said, it actually has been easy plus now we have another new skill. Both of us hope to be a good resource for others who might have similar situations.

Shortly decisions will be made about Joe's right eye. It is clear this eye is the source of problems and treatment should no longer be delayed. So we are insisting on it. We see yet another ophthalmologist on Tuesday to get his opinion on the best course of actions.

Cognitively I see improvements all of the time. And even more often Joe knows and understands his struggles. So my normal comment is to "out smart" his problem. If you know something is present "intellectually", then keep looking for it until it comes into your visual field. From a recovery perspective, this is really important for managing daily life....understanding and problem solving. Joe's speech therapist is working so hard to help him with these concepts and I see great results. Some frustration, but great results. Better to know your problems and work through them, then not even realize there is a problem.

Thanksgiving, well let me say, it has a whole new meaning this year.

On Friday we fly to Ohio to be with family and friends for the weekend. Joe and Stephen will attend the big game (up North at least)---OSU verus Michigan with our best man John. Paul and Lisa we be there too. I will be shopping with my Mom and sisters and watching the game at home on Saturday. Keith will hold down the fort and eat the Thanksgiving leftovers as he starts finals on Thanksgiving Monday.

Wishing all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Love, Ginny