Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011 From Ginny via Lisa

Dear Family and Friends,

Today at 2:00, UAH is having a Remembrance and Renewal service in recognition of the one year anniversary of the shooting. Joe and I will attend. As I understand the program, speakers will talk about the deceased faculty with the idea that their shared mission to educate is being carried forward. There is so much emotion surrounding this event as we mourn our deceased colleagues yet persevere in hope in the resilience of the many good people who survived this tragedy.

Though we must take time to remember, I will be glad when today is over as I find myself reliving some of that horrible day. It is somewhat of a blessing that I can't recall much of the first days; I suppose some state of shock has blocked certain memories and images.

I suppose the strange part is that this whole thing has brought us closer, maybe out of necessity or maybe it is part of our plan. It has surely brought us closer to our faith and definitely helped me to see that we are not in control and each day is an opportunity to live well or not. Some of the hardest parts for us are ahead but I still see great recovery and even where we are right now would be fine. Joe has set goals that he is working toward and he will get there.

Perhaps the overwhelming feeling I have is one born of humble gratitude

I so am thankful for today.
Thankful that we can go to the ceremony together, Joe being much his normal self.
Thankful that the wheelchair gathers dust in the corner,
and proved to be unnecessary,
as so many of the medical supplies and devises.
Thankful that there are antibiotics and wonderful caregivers
to manage the current and previous infections.
Thankful that Joe has a wonderful attitude,
that he is fun and agreeable in managing life in a different manner.
Thankful for great sons who smile and help me be strong.
Thankful for parents, brothers and sisters, family and friends
who keep the prayers coming and that I know will help on a moment’s notice.
Thankful for the financial support of the university and my employer, Nancy,
so the day to day operations of living have not been strained.
Thankful for my continued good health and the good health of our children.

May today be a wonderful day for each of you,
May your coffee taste the best ever,
May your clothes feel just right,
May the smile of a loved one fill you with peace,
May you enjoy a laugh,
And may you feel the presence of God within you,
In good times and in bad.

Love, Gin