Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10 10:30 Lisa

Dear Family and Friends,

Joe continues to make progress as he is put through all the therapies every day. There is evidence that his short-term memory is improving as both Ginny and Dad Leahy asked him the same question within 10 minutes of each other, and Joe gave the same response. Both Gin and Dad, unaware of each other's identical question, queried him about physical therapy, and Joe replied "they asked me to act like a robot and then they moved my parts."

Ginny also shared that she made up a prayer spontaneously about Joe's recovery, Keith, Stephen, all the family and friends everywhere, the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc, and when she finished Joe asked Ginny who had written that prayer. When she informed him that she had just made it up, he said, "that was very good!"

Ginny also reported meeting some other people with loved ones at Shepherd and finding that their faith was a "great common denominator."

Today at 3:00 Ginny and Mom and Dad will be meeting with a team of people overseeing Joe's care to answer questions and provide information about Joe's treatment plan. I will post after we know more.

I know Ginny is looking forward to seeing Keith, Stephen and her brother Ed this Saturday as both boys are on spring break next week.

As always, please keep praying for Joe and everyone who has been touched by this "event"--at a loss for words to describe...

Love and Blessings,



  1. Joe, I am so happy that you are continuing to improve. I continue to pray for you and your family. I look forward to reading about your accomplishments in the blog updates. God Bless You

  2. Someone wrote on one of the boards in the Shelby Center classrooms "Work hard because I am working hard -Dr. Leahy 3/2/2010. Seeing this in the craziness of midterms and yearning for Spring Break really made me stop, think, and smile. Just wanted to share this with all of you

  3. Lisa, Thanks for continuing to post these updates. It is wonderful to be able to learn of Joe's progress this way.
    Every day students ask me if I know how "Dr. Leahy" is doing.
    He is greatly missed and we're all looking forward to seeing him again.

  4. More good signs! Thanking God & praying more each day. Safe travels to all who are visiting Atlanta this weekend.
    Lisa Fox

  5. I love hearing about what was on the board in the Shelby Center: "Work hard because I am working hard." Dr. Leahy. I just LOVE this! I will pass on to Ginny.

    Miss all you nice people at UAH, Huntsville and Madison!


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