Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14, 9:15 mark

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone,

Ginny reports a calm, restful day for Joe today. Keith, Steve, and Ed are there for the weekend, which has been a real treat for her. Joe's interactions with the boys have been warm, wonderful, and great to hear about. He continues to vacillate between periods of extremely sharp recall and remarkable attention to specifics and detail, and other times when he is "foggy" and talks about things that don't seem to make a lot of sense. The staff and doctors assure that this is all to be expected -- it can be a slow process, but he is taking important steps each day.

Joe also did some more writing today, including writing his name. The two remaining (back)wires stabilizing his jaw are supposed to be removed tomorrow, which will help as he continues to work on swallowing soft foods.

Ginny reports that she is taking care of herself -- eating regularly and resting when she can (though sporadically, I'm sure). She says she can feel the power of everyone's love and support and that it means the world to her. She also asks us once again to remind everyone to keep the prayers and good wishes flowing, as I'm sure you all are doing.

Ed and the boys will be leaving Tuesday and I'm scheduled to arrive on Wednesday to do what I can to help (or get in the way), so the beat goes on.

Keep the faith. . . . Our love and thanks to all,



  1. Safe trip Mark. Give Ginny and Joe our love and prayers. If you see the boys, big hugs to them. Love you all.

  2. i've continued to follow Joes progress and reading each update makes me smile! i pray that he continues to recover with the same speed and will be able to return home very soon.

  3. Please let Ginny know that Kathy is thinking of her and continually praying for her and Joe let her I love her and I miss her so so much!Sending all the positive thoughts and prayers for them to be home soon and thanking God Joe's making it na drealize he has a way to go but he is truly a miracle

  4. Mark, safe travels to you, Ed, the boys, & Mom and Dad Leahy. Please give Ginny & Joe hugs from Rick & me. Prayers & blessings to all.
    Lisa Fox


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