Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23, 9:00, mark

Ginny reports that Joe had a busy and tiring day today -- he was full go on all therapy sessions, while still fighting the troublesome respiratory issues that have lingered since late last week. Lots of coughing left him too tired to eat much supper, but the respiratory specialist, labs, and other indicators suggest that the infection is getting better. Ginny said he was sound asleep by 7:30, and the congestion seemed a bit better than it had been to her as well.

Gin also reported that on Sunday Joe did a great job of propelling himself in his wheelchair. He does this by basically "walking" the chair along by moving his feet in a stepping motion while seated. Gin didn't push him at all, but gave him verbal directions which he followed accurately, and the really cool part of the story is that when he came to a door that required the pushing of numbered buttons to open, Gin told him the numbers and he promptly hit them accurately to open it. These kind of things aren't always consistent -- it depends on his level of alertness, mood, etc., but they are exciting when they occur and offer lots of hope for the future.

Gin was happy to see Phil and Jackie (Joe's parents) arrive back in Atlanta yesterday (Monday) afternoon. They will be moving on to Madison sometime later in the week to help with the boys, who were being assisted by Ginny's brother Ed for quite awhile, and then more recently by her brother Theresa and husband Mike. Huge thanks to them and all the rest of the family and friends who have been handling the Alabama end of the operation for so long now. Joe's brother Paul is returning to Atlanta on Sunday and staying for a few days, and will be followed by Gin's sister Patti a few days later. (Theresa is also coordinating a lot of the family logistics and "rotations" of coverage which, as you can tell, is almost a full-time job itself).

Through it all, the healing process that Ginny often calls "the dance" goes on . . . sometimes three steps forward and then one back, but always charging on.

That's it for now. Thanks for all the continuing love and support.



  1. Thank you for the continued updates. Please know that even though the acute phase of the illness seems to be coming to an end, the prayers continue as the biggest challenges may be yet to come. Cortney (former student and lab assistant)

  2. Always watching and cheering. Love to you all.

  3. now is a critical time for people to CONTINUE to support in those tangible ways you have been doing. Sometimes after these acute times seem to be weaning, this is a LONG time process. One of the posts said to remember it will be a long time before you see "the Joe we knew."

    This post reminds me, what someone at St. John's said. We can't let up in the ways support has been there - rides, food, visits now to Atlanta their lives have been totally turned upside down. Charge On. These milestones and steps forward are going to still be frought with pitfalls, maybe a landmine or two.

  4. Thank you for these updates, as we continue to pray and send our concern and love to your family. May the Lord continue to strengthen and hold up your entire family. love, Cherie in San Diego, Ca.

  5. Hey guys. I work at UAH in the Provost's office. Just wanted to let you know that we continue to read the updates and rejoice with the baby steps. You all are in my prayers and will continue to be.

    Robin Douglass

  6. Thank you for the updates. I am so happy to hear of the progress. Best wishes for the whole family.

  7. so happy to hear of all of Joe's milestones! just thrilling !! we think of you guys daily and please let us know if you or the boys need anything at all!

    Jill Lancaster and family 256-461-7923

  8. i'm very happy to read that Joe continues to progress so very well.i hope that everything continues to go well for him and his entire family.

  9. I appreciate these updates and the time you put into sending them. There are a lot of people out there praying for Joe and his family. I do hope by the time you get this message, Joe's infection has gotten better and perhaps he will feel well enough to watch just a little bit of the OSU game tonight. God Bless You All.

  10. So glad that all is progressing well. I even sent prayers down to all of you as I flew from here, Chelsea, MI to Orlando, Fl recently. You are all in my thoughts and prayers more than you will ever know. Blessed Easter to all of you. Give Joe my best.
    Penny Abney Bardinelli


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