Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 10:00, mark

Today was a "training day" for Ginny as much as for Joe. She worked with the therapists in learning how to help Joe with his daily tasks and in transferring him from bed to his wheelchair, etc. He is making great strides in his walking (pun intended) and Gin is learning how to safely assist him with that as well.

It was a beautiful day in Atlanta, providing a great opportunity for another landmark event -- Joe's first "outing" away from the hospital. Accompanied by two therapists (she said one for Joe and one for her) Gin pushed Joe in his wheelchair to a CVS drugstore a few blocks away. All went well.

Joe's respiratory problems are greatly improved. His coughing and congestion have lessened a great deal, enhanced by the reduction of his trach from an "8 to a 6" (whatever that means). They've also been able to "plug" his trach (not sure if it's plugged all the time or just occasionally) -- meaning that, at those times, he is breathing normally as if there were no trach at all.

Perhaps most significantly, Joe's mental "sharpness" continues to improve steadily. He is asking lots of questions and seems to be remembering answers on both a short-term and long-term basis, although still with some inconsistency. In response to his questions, Ginny has now told him about the events of Feb. 12. He has no memory of the shootings, but did express his dismay at what happened, repeatedly saying "that's horrible" as he contemplated the murders of Gopi, Adriel, and Maria, and the woundings of Stephanie and Rogel. A poignant moment for Ginny, as she crossed that threshold with him.

So, all in all, a very eventful day.

Love and thanks to all. Charge on.



  1. What a day! Praising God with you for all the progress, and praying for your continued strength. Christ's Peace be w/ you!

  2. Thanking God for more progress. Blessings to you Joe, Ginny, & all of the family. Thank you for the update Mark.
    Lisa Fox

  3. What a wonderful week to go outside for the first time!!! Holy Week. Easter will really be a renewal, new life and blessings... Thanks for the updates.

  4. To the Leahy Family,
    I'm sure you already know that Dr. Leahy - and you, the family, could not be in a better place than The Shepherd Center. They are the very best at what they do - and offer the best possible outcome to anyone fortunate enough to be in their care.

    Our son was hit by a drunk driver nearly 6 years ago. He was very, very seriously and critically injured...not the least of those injuries was a severe traumatic brain injury - and 5 strokes from blood loss. His prognosis was grim -and like Dr Leahy - he had to RElearn EVERYTHING. However - the fine, "failure is not an option" folks at Shepherd literally put him and our family back together and set us on the long road to recovery.

    Today - Steve is self sufficient and is working in a job he loves. We know that we owe his recovery to the Good Lord - and his landing us in the fine hands of those at Shepherd Center.

    We hold Dr. Bilsky - and all the doctors and therapists who are part of this great organization - in the highest regard...and are prayerfully thankful for them every day!

    We know that Dr. Leahy has a long road...we also know that he could not start that journey in a better place - or in better hands.

    We will keep all of you in our prayers.
    Marcia Lindstrom

  5. Thanks for the update, Mark. Very encouraging news! We are continuing to pray. And thank you, Marcia, for sharing your story of Steve's dramatic recovery. Happy Easter to all!

  6. I was just reduced to tears reading that Dr. Leahy has only just learned exactly what happened on Feb. 12. I am overcome with the same emotion as when I heard the extent of the tragedy for the first time. Please just let Dr. Leahy know that his survival and his progress are absolutely what keep some of us going and able to cope with this entire event. I think about him and his entire family almost every minute of every day, and it brings me such hope and such comfort in the face of so much loss.

    Thank you so much for sharing,
    Katherine, UAH faculty/St. John's parishioner

  7. Dr. Leahy,
    I will be praying for you as you deal with the grief and anger over the senseless loss of Dr. Podila, Dr. Davis, and Dr. Johnson. I am also so very thankful for your recovery and know you have what it takes to pull through!

  8. I am glad that Joe and family are doing so well. I really appreciate receiving these updates.
    I wish you all a Blessed Easter.

  9. We continue to pray for Joe, Ginny, and the boys.

    Much Love,

    The Lauers


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