Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sun. 8:20 pm April 10 Lisa

Dear Family and Friends,

Joe is snoozing. Ginny and I took him for a walk around the halls, and he did great. We each hold on to his belt in back for safety, but he walked himself! He was able to detect 3 crosses on a picture from about 40 inches away--Ginny said that distance represented an improvement so we're pretty excited. We're leaving now--we'll go to Mass tomorrow at 8:30 at Sacred Heart in downtown Atlanta as we haven't visited there yet. I'll then visit with Joe some more until it is time to leave for Omaha.

All for now. Love, Lisa


  1. So nice to have such a great update as well as a photo! Prayers on the way for a safe trip HOME!!! Glad to hear Joe's sense of humor is intact.
    Lisa Fox

  2. It is so nice to see Joe up and walking on the treadmill. I'm so happy you get to go home soon. It's always much more pleasant to be at home to heal and it's great that UHC is providing an experienced nurse to help you with everything.
    I know you will be much busier when you get home, but I do hope that you will have time to provide periodic updates. God Bless you all.

  3. Wow! We just read the last 3 postings and are so thrilled to read about all the progress over the last week and see a picture of Joe working hard on the treadmill. We are very happy that Joe (and Ginny) will be coming home this Wednesday and want to offer anything that we can do to help. We printed out the picture of Joe to remind us to pray for him every day for continued recovery. We thank God for the miracle He has already performed in Joe and for His continued grace and touch. We love and miss you, and pray you have a good trip home.

  4. I was so glad to finally meet Joe and talk with him for a few minutes! Just a couple of weeks ago I saw him from across the room, sitting in his wheelchair, so to see him today walking the halls at Shepherd with Ginny and his parents gave me goosebumps. I'm glad you folks in Madison are getting the Leahys back! Peggy Jones (Atlanta)

  5. Lisa, I sending your name in to next year's Pulitzer committee for outstanding reporting and picture posting on behalf of loved ones. You should earn top prize.

    Thanks for sharing this journey with family, friends and those of us who are strangers.

  6. lisa,the last several posts are simply great!
    Joe's progress has really been amazing to has shown his true strength and how important having strong family support is.
    all of you are a perfect example of what family is truely all about.
    the picture is great!
    i pray that Joe's recovery progress continues at the same fast pace.


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