Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010 Lisa

Dear Family and Friends,

The entire Leahy clan is in Circleville, Ohio (except for Keith who is finishing up summer class finals at U. Alabama-Huntsville--poor guy!). Joe, Ginny, and Stephen arrived in Circleville on Wed. night (28th) and will be in Ohio through the weekend. Paul Leahy and wife Lisa and kids Devon and Keith here from Carmel, Indiana. Lisa Leahy Scherer (me) and my husband, Mark, and kids Eric and Phil here from Omaha (along with Jillian and Jessica, Eric's and Phil's girlfriends). We've been having such a wonderful time. It's been such a blessing being together, not to mention miraculous that Joe is doing so well!

We all hung out at the lake Deer Creek State Park yesterday. We had the Scherer ski boat and a pontoon boat that Paul and Lisa had rented. The big news is that Joe tubed quite awhile behind the ski boat--we were are a little nervous but elated at this milestone! Several of the Gary and Deb Scherer and Tom and Julie Scherer clan joined the Leahy family for a great day. The weather was awesome and we practically had the lake to ourselves. We capped the evening with a great meal at the Deer Creek Lodge to celebrate Nick Leahy's (Paul and Lisa's son) 10th birthday.

Another accomplishment that Joe is very proud of is his running progress. He wants all of you to know that this morning he ran 2.4 miles, longer than he's run in a year! By the way, Ginny ran the whole way with him (I could only do 1.2 miles before having to walk!). Stephen ran about 10 miles! It's exhausting keeping up with them!

Joe, Ginny, and Stephen leaving for Indian Lake after lunch today to visit Ginny's parents, Mel and Kate Warnecke, and all of her family and friends in that area. They will be back tomorrow in time for 5:00 mass at St. Joseph's--it will be nice to be together with the St. Joseph's community who prayed so hard for Joe's recovery (though we know and appreciate the fact that Joe and our family have benefited from the prayers of many people from all faiths!)

On Sunday, Joe is being interviewed for our local paper, the Circleville Herald, and shortly after that will be a early afternoon reception for him at the clubhouse of our parents' condo, the Crossings. Joe is looking forward to seeing all his classmates and other friends, and we are all grateful to Julie Scherer for setting this up. Thanks also to Debbie and Gary Scherer for letting most of our family crash at their house and feeding us all!

Pictures are forthcoming! Love to all and enjoy the remaining days of summer!

Lisa Leahy Scherer

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  1. You all look fabulous! It was time for a more relaxed family get together. Joe, you're running how far? I'm so jealous! I never ran that, ever. Lots more pictures, please. We love you all and keep you in our prayers every night. You've shown us all what the power of family and prayer can do!


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