Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surgery for Joe Monday--prayers requested

With the blessing of several docs, Joe will have Neurosurgery next Monday, April 18, at UAB Hospital.  This surgery is a repeat of the plate surgery from last September, except hopefully the infection part will be avoided!!  The defect, as they call it, on his forehead will be repaired by inserting a plate.  Joe is not concerned at all, this being his eighth surgery, feels like no big deal to him.  Being somewhat of a worrier, do feel the normal concern but with the support of Phil and Jackie, Joe's parents, this too will be behind us....again.
As the Docs have signed off, Joe has been determined to be free of any lingering infection, MRSA or otherwise.  So that alone is a great relief to both of us.  And I must say Joe is the picture of health.  Though still some weakness on his left side, much of his strength has returned.  Fatigue is still a huge issue but with time I know that will improve too.  Lots of naps are necessary but concentration seems to be improving all of the time.  The vision is very limited which creates much of the fatigue.  That is our next step....finding solutions to this vision strain.   We have some leads out of state that I hope to pursue after Joe has recovered from this surgery.
The scleral shell has only been of very limited success.  Our ophthalmologist thinks some surgery will ultimately be necessary on the right eye and that orbit (socket).  But this will be well after the recovery from the plate and the doc feels this is no rush. 
So we march on, anticipating surgery soon.  Holy week and the joy of Easter will be celebrated with the boys and Joe's folks.  That will be wonderful.
We wish you the same peace and joy.
Love,  Ginny 


  1. Dear Ginny and Leahy family,

    My husband is a student at UAH, and we have been following your story since that fateful day. I will be at Children's Hospital on the 18th as well, and would love to stop by while you're in the waiting room and bring you a little something. I figure there are many different waiting areas at UAB (as there are at Children's), and I wouldn't have the foggiest where to start to find you. If you don't feel uncomfortable with the idea, I would love to stop in and drop a little something off and let you know that we're excited over Dr. Leahy's recovery :)

    You can reach me at

    Kelly Morris
    Union Grove, AL

  2. We are praying for Joe and thinking of you all as we do everyday. Joe's positive outlook is a very powerful tool in his recovery and we know in our hearts that this will go well for him. Give him a hug and kiss from us!

  3. Will & I will be thinking of you all during this next step (as always!). Hope everything goes well :)


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