Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011 Update from Ginny

Dear Family and Friends,

The forehead prostetic surgery in Birmingham went great. As you can see from the picture, the dent is no more. So the "new and improved Joe", as one friend commented, is right on target. I could not agree more. So many folks have been amazed at the success, prompting Joe to call his Surgeon, Dr. Fisher, the Master Craftsmen on our follow-up visit. Infection concerns are behind us now too. The incision is barely visible and back in the hair line. This same surgeon called Joe the Master Healer, and welcomed him back anytime from that standpoint! Pretty funny. Just last week Joe was released to exercise and resume all activities.

An amazing thing that we just realized is Joe has no impending surgeries on the horizon. What a great feeling. Additional work on his right eye will be basically cosmetic so for now Joe has opted just to take a wait and see approach for this issue.

So the horizon is back to normal. We are looking forward to some family travel this summer, college visits with Stephen and basically doing what most folks due in the summer. Wow. In the Fall, Joe will teach one class at UAH, with a classroom assistant. If that goes well, he hopes to pick up a second course for Spring. One step at a time. I remind him there is no rush and the University could not be more supportive of his gradual return.

I have always thought of us as a pretty boring couple and we are pretty much there. What a blessing! Thank for your prayers for this latest surgery. It could not have gone smoother.

Wishing everyone a peaceful summer.


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  1. So glad to hear things are heading more toward "normal" Yay for being boring!! :)


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