Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update from Lisa Nov. 15, 2012

Dear Family and Friends

Our family is so proud of our brother/son/uncle/cousin for working so hard to teach a class this semester. With his visual impairment, we know it is so difficult and frustrating to do what was once routine that is now so time-consuming! We are also very proud of Keith who is doing so well and working so hard at University of Alabama-Huntsville as he pursues his degree in engineering. We were so elated to hear that the JPII High School Cross Country teams in Madison, Alabama(both boys and girls)were Runner-Ups in the State Meet and Stephen was All-State with his 15th place finish and a PR. YEAH!!! But as most of us acknowledge, behind every successful man is a wise woman and her name is Ginny! We salute ALL of you for your faith, your perseverance in the face of enormous obstacles, and your loving presence to your family and your community. Charge on!

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