Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3 8:45 Lisa

Dear Family and Friends,

HEMSI transported Joe to Atlanta today. The paramedic, Jill, who rode with Ginny and Joe to Atlanta was the same person who helped Joe during that dark day a few weeks ago. Thanks Jill for all you did to keep Joe alive! And special thanks to Dr. Lynn Boyd who bravely held a torn shirt on Joe's head to stop the bleeding as well as talked to him until the paramedics arrived.

Joe getting settled in and will be assessed by all the experts tomorrow. Dad and Mom Leahy, who followed the ambulence, helped get everything moved into the apartment efficiency adjoining the hospital while Ginny was with Joe. Know they are very busy--will post as more information becomes available.

My heart is so torn. It's great being home and seeing the family, but I wish I could be in Atlanta and Omaha at the same time.

Keep the prayers and masses coming--lots of hard work to rehabilitate.

Love and Blessings to All,


  1. Thank you so much for the updates on Joe and the family. It's very difficult to be away from home and to be away from Joe and the family. Take comfort in knowing prayers are a flying for all the family during this difficult journey. Praise God for all the improvements of Joe and that which will be provided in Atlanta!

  2. I am an old student of Dr. Leahy. He helped me get into Dental School. I really hope he makes a full recovery. Tell him i wish him the best and thank him for always believing in his students.

  3. "May we never give way to ill-will or discouragement,
    but persist always in Your grace, mercy and love."

    God has his hand on you, Joe. Peace be with you.

    Lisa Murphy, Texas


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