Saturday, August 28, 2010

8-28-2010 From Ginny posted by Lisa

Dear all,

UAB Oral Maxillofacial called yesterday to let us know that Joe's first surgery, which will be done at UAB, is scheduled for Sept 16, 5:30 am. We also need to be in Birmingham all day on the 15th for pre-op and not less than two doctors appointments. Two or three surgeons will be attending, including Dr. Fisher, Oral Max, a Neuro-surgeon (Dr. Fisher) and possibly a Ocular Plastics physician (Dr. Long). The work, to my limited understanding, will be limited to Joe's right orbital and possibly include some work on Joe's right eye ball.

The staff explained to me that most folks stay at the Marriott connected to the hospital. The hospital stay will be a minimum of 3-4 days, with possible extension depending on Joe's recovery. Joe parent's Phil and Jackie will be with me and Joe for the surgery and be staying in Birmingham for the duration of Joe's stay in the hospital.

After a period of observation and recovery, a prosthetic will be installed on Joe's right frontal lobe in a separate surgical procedure. We had hoped to combine these two items but the physicians recommend a period of observation between the two procedures. These are the two major surgeries to my understanding. Additional work will follow though I do not know the time frame.

Love, Ginny


  1. Keep us posted as we are all still following and praying for you. You are always on our mind. Love you all!

  2. Good luck with the surgergy, I myself had my left orbital done with no complications. Thoughts and prayers our with you.Thank You for filling us in on Joe's recovery Suzy Malone Jacobsen(Clinton Iowa)

  3. You are still in our prayers and we will make this a special time on our calendars. The long haul is so hard on you and the family I hope you know how the community of St. John's love you all.

  4. Thanks for the update Ginny. We will continue to pray for all of you. It was wonderful to visit with you in Ohio. Much love to all.
    Lisa & Rick

  5. I am a former student of Dr. Leahy's and my husband and I own a condo in Birmingham (he just finished pharmacy school down there). It is very close to UAB and is currently unoccupied, so if anyone needs to stay there, you are welcome to. Please feel free to email me if you would like to use it!
    Lori Handley

  6. Ginny, you and Joe and family are in my prayers. Thank you for updating us.

    Robin Douglass


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