Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aug. 3, 2010 Lisa

Hello Everyone

We all had a great visit. The Omaha clan is the last to leave Ohio. Joe, Ginny, and Stephen left yesterday for Alabama and got there with no problems. Joe and Ginny's last day was very busy. Joe was interviewed by a reporter for the Circleville Herald and the story and Joe and Ginny's pictures were on the front page of the paper. This was followed by a gathering of some members of Joe's high school class (1978), and that was very enjoyable for Joe. Memorable line from Joe was: "Surely we can get together as a class more often and not wait for someone to get shot." I think efforts are underway to meet more often and start a class of 78 facebook group. Later that evening, everyone came out to Gary and Deb Scherer's farm for a cookout. Great night. Everyone really enjoyed it and appreciate Deb and Gary's continued hospitality.

I must also mention before closing that I was in such a hurry in writing the last post that I mistakenly said my younger brother Paul had a son named Keith. This is not accurate. Paul and wife Lisa have 2 kids, Nick and Devon. Joe and Ginny have 2 kids, Keith (19) and Stephen (15).

Lastly, some of us went skydiving in Xenia Ohio and it was amazing! Ginny texted me as they were traveling back to Alabama that their family would like to do that.

Maybe next year....??

Take care all. More pix to be posted soon.

Lisa Leahy Scherer


  1. It was great to get together with the Leahy & Scherer families. Rick & I truly appreciate being included. Thanks to Gary & Deb for their hospitality...as always. Joe, you are such an inspiration!! It's terrific to see you so active & to experience your wonderful sense of humor. We will try to respect your order of 'no drama' for at least the next year.

  2. Uncle Phil sent me the article from Circleville paper. You look fabulous!!! Keep the blogs coming and let us know about your upcoming surgery. You are in our prayers everyday.

  3. We are getting ready to take our first PathoPys test this semester and as we were going over Immunity in Lecture yesterday I remembered Dr. Leahy's visual aids in helping us remember how Cell-Mediated and Antibody Mediated Immunity works. I am so grateful for Dr. Leahy's abilities as a teacher to help us learn something so fundamental in our nursing curriculum. That is one less topic I have to worry about on our upcoming test! Thanks Dr. Leahy!!


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