Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Sept. 12, 2010 Lisa

Hi Everyone

We are very happy to report that Mel Warnecke, Ginny's dad is out of the hospital and recovering quite well at home. Thank you so much for your prayers! Please keep them coming as Joe's surgery is this Thursday, Sept. 16 at University of Alabama-Birmingham. The goal of this surgery is to repair the orbital

Dr. John Long, an Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (originally from Iowa--where the Leahy extended family harken from--so you know he's got to be awesome!)will be working to repair the orbital region, particularly the upper part (roof?). There is a gap in the bones under the eyebrow and I believe they are planning a bone graft to plug the gap. As they can't do an MRI due to everything in Joe's skull already, they don't know the whole story of what is going on. Another surgeon, Dr. Lewis, will be present to lift the brain out of the way if it has fallen down into the orbital region (Again, my apologies to the medical people out there--it's something like that).

Phil and Jackie Leahy (Joe, Paul, and my parents), are heading down to Alabama to help out. Last we heard is that Joe may not be in hospital for as long as once projected given that he's having one procedure rather than three. Joe is even hoping to get to Stephen's cross country meet next weekend! Gotta love the great attitude!

Congrats to Stephen who did a great job in the last cross country meet (5K or 3.1 miles). He ran it in 19 minutes 33 seconds and finished 21st place out of 3326 runners!

Love to all,



  1. Safe trip Aunt Jackie and Uncle Phil! Keep us all posted with surgery updates. Ginny, so happy to hear about your dad. Our prayers are with you, Joe and your entire extended families.

  2. Prayers for a successful surgery and swift recovery for Joe


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