Friday, September 17, 2010

Update from Dad Leahy regarding Joe via Lisa

Joe looking good this AM, Dr said if all stays OK he can go home at noon, so we are scrambling to pack etc. More info, if any, later.



  1. Now there's a reason worth scrambling for

  2. Thank God and thank you for the update!

  3. God does answer prayer. I hope you don't push the meet, though I know it is critical, at least emotionally for all of you. What a roller coaster ride. Especially Ginny has lived a nightmare knowing each step what was happening. We continue, and will keep on "continuing" to pray God gives you the strength you need for each day. He has sent you the support you have needed with each situation - which is "His Jesus' with skin on"...helping you. St. John's continues to care for sure.

  4. Dear Leahy Families,
    Frank and I have You All in our daily prayers as you receive His Strength and Healing Love. Dr. Joe should have an extra cookie as he continues to receive even more nano-energies from The Highest.
    Our Love & Blessings,
    Marion & Frank Defalco


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