Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oct. 14, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

I've copied below and email sent to me from Dad Leahy as communicated to him via Ginny. This gives a bit of the back story leading up to Joe's surgery. Update today is that Joe's drain line to the brain site where they removed the plate will be removed today. The Picc line was inserted. He didn't sleep well last night and had considerable stomach distress yesterday but doing better today. I know they are working on the dosage of antibiotic to give him to knock out this infection without making him sick to his stomach. Poor Joe, not a way to celebrate his upcoming birthday! Again, thanks for your prayers.


10/10 Noticed some minor swelling on right eye lid. By Monday, increased concern due to significant swelling and redness which had spread to right forehead and left eyelid and brow. Go to ER at Huntsville on Monday night and on to UAB by Hemsi (ambulance) shortly after midnight.
10/12 When seen by Dr Fisher, he determined plate had to be removed due to infection and by 5:30 PM it was done.
Joe has continued to be stable though he is experiencing some stomach distress, likely as a result of the high dosages of antibiotics. So after 8 months of miraculous recovery, we experience our first set back. Joe knows the microbiology of infections so he is a great source of information and comfort.
10/13 Friends from Madison church stayed with Ginny over night. Joe's mom and Dad arrive. At this time basic path forward, aside from current recovery in hospital is to put in a pic line so Joe can continue to get antibiotics when home thru this line. This may go on several weeks. Dr Fisher is planning on putting in a new plate but not for at least 6 months.


  1. I'm sure this is very disappointing for everyone, but it sounds like very capable Drs and friends will always be there for you. A set back, yes, but Joe's knowledge and humor have served him well and I'm confident it will continue. Love you all.

  2. Joe is such an inspiration to so many!! He has come so far in the months since the initial injury. No doubt he is upset about this setback, but it sounds like a plan is in place to deal with every thing and that the Drs are confident that he will continue to improve. I will keep you all in my prayers!


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