Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oct. 13, 2010 Lisa

Dear Family and Friends,

Some of you may not know that Joe had to have surgery yesterday to remove the titanium plate that had just been inserted a couple of weeks ago. He developed an infection in the brain so it had to come out. He's doing well and Mom and Dad Leahy arrived there today. Thanks to Cindy Taglowski (sp?) and Illiana (?), friends from Madison-Huntsville for being there with Ginny and even staying overnight. He's on mega doses of an antibiotic being administered through a picc line and MaryAnne the caseworker is making arrangements for someone to come into home and administer the antibiotic but think Ginny might be trained on it too. Joe was in ICU this morning but now in regular room. Not sure how long he will be staying in the hospital but I will post more as information becomes available to me. Mark and I just arrived at Lake Tahoe today for the Western History Association conference so I'm getting bits and pieces from texts and phone calls but asked Dad to email more info tonight.

Please, as always, keep Joe and family in your prayers. We are frustrated by this setback but grateful Joe is doing so well. We don't know the origin of the infection but could be his bad eye--just not sure. He won't be able to have another surgery to put the plate back in for several months as brain needs to heal. What makes me smile is that Joe was most concerned about baing able to still make the Ohio State-Michigan game with Stephen in November. Hopefully that can still happen.

Take care and thanks for all your prayers.



  1. Joe will be at that game. He has not let anything stand in his way yet, so not likely to start now. Keep us all posted. Love and prayers to all of you.

  2. Praying for the infection to clear up asap and for continued recovery for Joe

  3. My good wishes and prays are with you Dr inspire me a lot..
    I hope you remember me..I have returned to India and have joined govt service..
    Hope to see you fully recovered when I visit USA in future..

    Pranjal Hazarika


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