Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb 22, 11:50 Lisa

Wow! Lost the connection in the middle of the post. Here is the rest of the other post.

Hours we see Joe: 10:30-10:50 am; 1:30-1:50 pm, 4:30-4:50 pm; 8:30-8:50 pm

To close, we discovered today that many of Joe's excellent nurses in the NICU were educated at Univ of Alabama in Huntsville and have taken classes from Joe who is a professor of microbiology. At one point Joe shared with a colleague that he wanted to give all of his students the best education possible because "one never knows if one of your former students will some day be taking care of you." Eerily prescient but a grace-filled moment as well.

Charge on and sleep with God,

Joe's sister


  1. My daughter and son in law go to St. John's. What a "family" that is and will continue to be. The mental and emotional will be even longer than the physical healing. It was so great to read he has movement in right and some in left side. What a miracle. He is in for a long hard road with the dental and mouth reconstruction that has to be done. Wiring the mouth will mean food will be a long time coming to taste good.
    You are in people's prayers and thoughts all over the US.

  2. Constantly praying for Joe and all of you. Joe and I were in the same CHS class of '78. Lisa and I were also involved in AFS, back in the day.I am very greatfull for your blog to know his progress. He has such a beautiful family as the photos show. Know that you are all in my thoughts more than you ever imagine. Penny Abney Bardinelli

  3. I hope no one minds a comment from a student. Dr. Leahy is my Microbiology professor. I just wanted to say that all of his students have been following your blog religiously and are very thankful to have access to it.
    Monday was our first day back to class, and it just wasn't the same to walk into that room without him there. Obviously getting back to the university is a last priority at this point, and I know you all are focusing on his recovery, as you should be. But if you get the chance while standing at his bedside, someone let him know that his 214 students had an in class powwow and we are all worried about him, pulling for a speedy recovery, and miss his presence in class. I'd say we are even almost willing to endure tests to have him back; almost being the key word there (haha). Please let him know that the university has been pulling out all of the stops to support him and that his students are thinking of him and wishing him well.
    Raylan Blaisdell
    BYS 214 Student

  4. Raylan--can I speak for professors everywhere and say that NO ONE minds a comment from a student! Thank you for yours, and I predict that when Dr. Leahy is well enough to read these posts, yours will bring a big lump to his throat.

    Sharon (Mark and Lisa's colleague at UNO)

  5. Wonderful News!! I just love reading all the wonderful posts from folks all over. Joe, Ginny, Keith and Stephen - we continue to pray for you. And Bless Father Phil - what a beautiful prayer he wrote.
    Love and peace always.

  6. Another student, from the past. My BIL had Dr. Leahy as his academic advisor. I am soo happy to hear that he is doing so well. He is been on my heart and mind so much lately. I thank God that he is doing so well and will continue to pray for him that he will continue to progress and will be able to go home with his family!

  7. I'm another former student that considers Dr. Leahy my all time favorite teacher. He pushed me and never gave up on me. I can honestly say that I have used his teachings on a daily basis in classes or in the hospital caring for other patients. He has definitely made a positive impact on my life and career.
    I've said it many times lately but he pulled me through a difficult semester and now it is my turn to pull for him.
    Charge on, Dr. Joe!


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