Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb. 26 5:20 Lisa

Dear Family and Friends,

Lots of great news. Joe was sleepy during the 1:30 visit according to Gin and the Warneckes--the therapists are giving him a workout. Joe's Mom, Dad and I went to Advanced Eye Care in Madison to see if they could adjust Joe's glasses. What is amazing to me is that Dr. Amy had been reading the blog, noted one of the earlier posts on Joe's glasses and realized Joe hadn't ordered new glasses that matched his contact prescription for awhile so she order some for him--thanks so much--they should arrive in time before the transport to Shepherds. Thanks so much! His current glasses worked pretty well at the 4:30 visit so we're very pleased.

Some time during this afternoon the nurse asked him if he wanted to listen to some music and he replied: "Yes, that would be nice--it would add to the ambience" Isn't that awesome!

During the 4:30 visit Joe was more alert and he finally had his glasses working. Stephen shared that he received a 101% on his science fair project on solar energy, we all clapped, including Joe!

He kissed all of us and told all of us he loved us. I told him if was Friday of Lent and asked him if he wanted us to say some prayers as he had been a bit agitated. He agreed and made the sign of the cross with us and lipped the prayers with us. It was very powerful as he settled down. I wanted to let everyone know that during these difficult two weeks when we prayed, Joe's blood pressure decreased significantly!

After praying, Joe indicated that he wanted to sit up so the nurses got him up--it was great! He then wanted to stand but we had to tell him that he couldn't do that quite yet. He is definitely ready for Shepherd's. We are guessing maybe Wednesday as weather forcast (snow) doesn't look good for Tuesday--we'll keep you posted.

Everyone at the Huntsville Hospital has been wonderful but we want to especially thank the nurses and nurses aids of the NICU--you are all AWESOME and you all deserve a raise!

We wanted to thank all our friends and family that have been sending us cards, posting on the blog and facebook for all their support. Our hometown of Circleville, Ohio where Joe graduated from high school as well as Mom and Dad's hometowon of Clinton, Iowa have showered us with cards. We have also received so many cards from Englewood Florida, Indian Lake, and of course here in Huntsville-Madison area. Kristin, thanks for the facebook, the decals saying "charge on" and the art therapy cards from the UAH students--they are wonderful. I am putting all the cards in photo scrap books for Joe, who prefers that everything be contained and put away. Ginny will be taking the books of cards to Huntsville, and I know Joe' healing will be further aided by knowing the vast number of people praying for him--love really does heal.

I include a picture of Joe with some of his high school classmates from Circleville. From left to right are Joe, Rodney Cook, David Cook, and John Frericks (John helped set up the moment of silence and announcement for Joe, Gin, and kids at the OSU-Purdue game).

Love and Blessings to All from Huntsville

and as always CHARGE ON!



  1. I've said so many Hail Marys and Our Fathers and Glory Bes since this whole thing is just so beautiful to hear that Dr. Leahy benefits so much from praying. Everytime I say these prayers I will think of him. Love and best wishes to your entire family! Please tell him again that the entire UAH family is thinking of him and can't wait to have him back on campus

    Katherine Taconi
    UAH faculty
    St. John's Parishioner

  2. I have followed this blog since it started. Although I don't know any of you, I feel so connected to the whole family, and I have prayed many prayers for all of you. It's so wonderful to hear all the great news about Joe. Keep on keepin' on and keep the Faith. Prayers continuing from West Virginia.

    Jo Ann Jones
    Shinnston, WV

  3. Dear Leahy family -- your generosity in sharing these updates with the world is very special. I read the news each day and update President Bradshaw and my colleagues at Florida Gulf Coast University. We don't personally know Dr. Leahy but we are among the many people across the country sending our daily prayers and best wishes for his continued progress and recovery!

  4. Just to let you know we are still thinking so much about Joe - Bruce really misses him at UAH and says almost every day how much he misses their talks in the hall. He wanted Joe to know that they are taking care of Joe's students. We wish we could visit or send flowers - a card doesn't even begin to express the good thoughts we're sending to Joe and you all. With lots of love, Ruth and Bruce Stallsmith

  5. Thanks, Lisa. Lots of people in Omaha are following your good news.

  6. Many thanks to you all for allowing everyone to follow Dr. Leahy's progress. You are such a strong family! I am a former student of his, and I just thought I had an idea of how tough he is, but his progress is impressive! I am so proud of him, and I know he will grow more & more proud of the way his family is fighting for him! You are all in my prayers and thoughts...Charge on!
    Angela Jolley

  7. Rick & I are keeping friends in central Ohio informed of Joe's progress and they continue to pray with us. May blessings surround all of you as you "charge on" toward the next step-The Shepherd Center. It's going to take a special place like that to keep pace with "Lightning" Leahy's remarkable recovery.
    Love to all,
    Lisa Fox

  8. Just want to let you all know that all the Sisters of Notre Dame are praying for Joe and all his family.

    I am with Ginny in thought and give her a big hug for me.

    Sister Debra Wischmeyer (Ginny's 2nd cousin)


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