Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb. 21, 10:00, mark

Short entry tonight, but another good day. Joe's responsiveness and movements continue to get stronger. He waves to the family and forms "A-OK" signs with his fingers; some moments of frustration along the way, too, as you would expect.

Still uncertain on when the doctors are going to attempt surgical procedures to repair some of the facial fractures. Will maybe find out tomorrow when doctor rotations gets back to regular weekday operations. Ginny and family all continue to be extremely impressed by, and thankful for, the skill, dedication and warmth of all the hospital personnel.

Good night and thanks to all for your interest and support. Charge on.



  1. We were THRILLED to read yesterday's news of Joe's amazing progress. We wish Joe the best, and are praying that God continues to give you all the strength needed to keep going.

    Donna & Kai

  2. Just leaving this short comment to let you know we're continuing to pray for Joe and everyone, and we're so appreciative of this blog. It's so encouraging to hear of Joe's progress and so edifying to hear of everyone's strength in faith. I'm praying the Lord's special blessing on each of you. And I'm praising our Heavenly Father for Joe's continuing progress. I'm praying w/ complete hope and trust that our Lord will work "all things together for good" for Joe and all his family and friends and students, and all who are touched by these events. Peace of Christ be w/ you! :))


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