Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb. 26, 11:30 a.m.

Hi everyone,

Once again, the report from Huntsville this morning is all good. Joe had a quiet night, and is a bit tired today after all of yesterday's activity, but he has been sitting up in his bed and doing all of his therapy quite well. All you Catholics out there will be particularly pleased to know that one of his newest accomplishments was making the Sign of the Cross this morning!

It turns out that it has not been necessary to move him into a "cardiac chair" as we mentioned a few days ago, because his high-tech "astronaut bed" allows for all of the benefits he could get from the chair. The gang is currently working to reconfigure his glasses in such a way that they will stay on his face, hopefully allowing him to see better -- sounds like a job for super engineer Grandpa Phil (or there's always duct tape). Paul and "Lisa-in-law" will be arriving from Indy this evening, and everyone is looking forward to that.

The family and staff are still in the planning stages for Joe's impending move to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. Not yet sure when it's going to happen -- there is to be a meeting on Monday with caseworkers and a representative from Shepherd to, hopefully, make final decisions and arrangements. Lots of logistics and variables to consider. Stay tuned for more info on that.

As always, our love and thanks to all. CHARGE ON.



  1. I am glad to hear Joe is making such great strides with his progress. I am praying constantly for all of you through this duration. Tell Joe to keep up the great work.
    Penny Abney Bardinelli

  2. Prayers continuing.

    What will Shepherd Center do for Joe?

  3. We are so thrilled to hear of Joe's progress. Are we to assume that Joe will not need any more surgery with arrangements being made for him to leave for the Shepherd Center? If so that would be a blessing.
    Tim March

  4. I am thrilled to hear Joe's giant steps forward. This is great. I've not heard of the Shepherd Center, but after looking on their web site it looks like it has a lot to offer-I like the other responder am not sure what it will do that a local facility would offer--but that is not my business, that is the family's decision.

    While Joe is doing so well, I hope the family is keeping themselves healthy too.
    God Bless You All

  5. How wonderful to know God has answered prayer to now, keeping him alive. St. John's is how I have heard about you and you are so loved and missed. No matter where he goes you will have family and friends but St.Johns/UAH will really miss being able to "check on you." Is this going to be short term in sense of months, or longer for his rehab? Surely Huntsville/Birmingham could have something closer.


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