Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Joe Honored at Ohio State, Feb. 17, 9:00p.m.

A great gesture of support for Joe and the family took place at the Ohio State-Purdue basketball game tonight. At the first time-out break, the P.A. announcer asked for the crowd's attention and said something pretty close to the following:

"We have all heard about the horrific events of last Friday afternoon on the campus of the University of Alabama - Huntsville. Once again, our nation has been rocked with campus violence as three professors were killed and three wounded by point-blank gunfire during a staff meeting. One of those critically injured is one of our own, Dr. Joseph Leahy, (OSU '82, '84), Professor of Microbiology at UA-H. A Circleville native, Dr. Leahy remains in critical condition in a Huntsville hospital, with a gunshot wound to his head.

The Ohio State University family asks that you pause now in a moment of silent respect to honor Dr. Leahy and to wish him well during his long journey of recovery, and to support his wife, Ginny and sons Keith and Stephen. The thoughts of Buckeyes everywhere are with you."

Folks at the game report that the crowd was paying attention and seemed genuinely moved at the news. It was a wonderful moment for Joe's many friends and extended family members who were at the game.

The person primarily responsible for getting this done was Joe and Gin's close friend John Frericks, who started the ball rolling this morning, and overcame significant bureaucratic obstacles to make it happen -- taking his case all the way to University President Gordon Gee. John was greatly assisted later in the day by our sister-in-law Julie Scherer, who made a bunch of phone calls herself and even took it up directly with "The Man," Archie Griffin himself, before the game. Many thanks to John and Julie for all their efforts!

On the medical side, the news remains good. Joe's fever is down from where it was earlier in the day and his white cell count remains good. He looks better and seems comfortable. He has still not needed to be placed on any steroids to combat the swelling and inflammation. Tomorrow, the infectious disease specialist will have the results of screening samples taken today, checking for any kind of infection. Onward and upward.

That's a full lid for the night. (West Wing talk, for any afficionados out there).

Love and thanks to all.



  1. That is fantastic! Good luck with the screenings tomorrow, I'll be thinking of and praying for Dr. L and all you guys at the hospital with him!

  2. Hats off! Hooray for the Buckeyes! :)

    It's great to hear that he's been able to hold off on steroids for now - the side effects are awful (especially that pesky suppression of immunity...)

    Still holding you all in light,


  3. What an amazing support group you have.Speaks volumes about Joe and all his friends and family!

  4. ..........just keeping you humbble. Seriously, so glad for the steady improvements even as slight as they are. Like so many others, Deb and I are thinking of and praying constantly for all of you. It's an incredible sign of their strong faith, that Lisa, Ginny and all can ask us to pray for the shooter, too. All our love.......Gary

  5. What a wonderful tribute. How thoughtful of John Frericks & Julie Scherer to be so tenancious. We here in Ohio continue to pray for Joe & the family.

  6. What a nice tribute.

    Prayers continuing.

    Love, the Lauers

  7. I don't know you Dr. Leahy, nor your family, but I have been thinking and praying about all of you since this horrifying news broke. I am filled with joy and hope with the news of the progress you have made on your long journey to recovery; and it is so good to see that you are all being supported and surrounded by love. I will continue to follow your recovery; and I thank his family the time an so much effort into creating and updating this blog.

    Best wishes and much love,
    Nell M.

  8. Fantastic! I know this means a lot to Joe and his family and friends. And me too. That is for sure. All us Buckeyes, friends, neighbors, fellow faculty, students and all are praying for Joe, Ginny, the boys and all the Leahy extended family.

    Stay strong, stay hopeful, hang in there. We're all rooting for you all and hoping for the best.

    Go Bucks!

  9. Just another sign of all the lives Dr. Leahy has made a difference in. Prayers are being answered as we continue to pray.

  10. Hats off to John and Julie for the OSU tribute. Working in administration for a university myself, I know what they accomplished was no small feat. Grant and I have been thinking and praying for Joe and the entire Leahy extended family since the news of the tragedy. It's obvious from the daily postings what a fighter Joe is. Thanks to Mark, Lisa, Derek and Stephen for making the daily updates possible and keeping us all informed and connected.

  11. We are praying for you and your family, Dr. Leahy, and all the other professors at UAH. You have made such a positive impact in many students lives. Stay strong!

  12. Joe, I keep thinking about you. I miss exchanging random chitchat at odd moments. And I look forward to talking again.

  13. Hello Leahy Family! Thank you for keeping this blog. I was a student of Dr. Leahy's from 2001-2003. Like so many other students have said, he was a fantastic professor not just because he knew his subject matter, but also because he took the time to know and care about his students. I had been thinking of him recently as I began a clinical microbiology course at UK and I was so shocked and saddened to see his name amongst the victims. We are praying for him, your family and for the other victims and their families as well!
    My husband and I have a friend who was shot in the temple while serving in Iraq in 2007. Although it has been a long road, we have witnessed him progress from very near death to beating all of the odds and living his life to the fullest! If your family is interested, I would be happy to give you their contact information. Support from people who have gone through similar circumstances helped our friends during recovery, and they would be thrilled to help you in any way possible! We will keep praying and can't wait to hear more positive news!! ~aspen montgomery bergmann

  14. Mark,
    Thank you so much for the updates. I count on them being here before I say my evening prayers. We are praying for all of you. For your continued faith, hope and love. For excellent healthcare and continued support from everywhere. May the Good Lord bless and keep you. May his face shine upon you, and may he be gracious and give you peace. Continued Prayers,
    Karrie Bajoras

  15. I am not sure if my prior post connected or not. Ginny and Joe, I got it in my head to look you up. I was remembering fondly our times in DC and Olde Towne many years ago. I was stunned to find out where you were and what happened. I am still on Walthem Road in Upper Arlington (next door to the original house) have 2 kids (very big kids) and would love to hear from you if you are able. I understand if not. My thoughts, prayers, best wishes and good vibes go out to you and I cannot imagine what this has all done to you. I know you are good strong Ohio born and bred and you will get through this. If you have time please email Stay strong! Sally McCarley


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