Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lisa Feb 17 3:05

Dear Family and Friends,

Please continue to pray for not only Joe and us but all the people in this hospital and everywhere who are suffering. We continue to be so grateful for everyone's support and the continued generosity of friends, family, and colleagues; we can't get over the number of local businesses in Huntsville who haven't accepted money for the food they have provided to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I've posted a picture of the extended Leahy family on this blog and hoping we can get a picture soon of the Warnecke side. This is a picture of all of us celebrating Mom and Dad Leahy's 50 anniverstary. Front row left to right is Nick Leahy(nephew), Jackie Leahy (Mom), Phil Leahy (Dad), Devon Leahy (niece), and Stephen Leahy (son). Back row left to right is Paul Leahy (brother), Lisa Scherer (sister and blogger), Phil Scherer (nephew), JOE, Ginny Leahy (wife), Keith Leahy(son), Lisa Leahy (sister-in-law), Mark-in-law (brother-in-law and blogger). Please pass on this blog to others. Hugs to all. Lisa


  1. Dr. Leahy and your family are in my prayers. It is good to hear that he is making progress. I am just so sad and pray that God will keep his hands on all the victims and their families. I am a staff member at UAH and I truly feel like part of my family has been hurt. If I can do ANYTHING please feel free to contact me. I know you have a great support system and many people are reaching out to you. Just add me to the list! :) Have a blessed day!

  2. Aunt Ginny, Stephen, and Keith,

    Words cannot describe the pain I feel for you. This is a tragedy that no one expects and no one deserves. Please know that everyone here in Omaha is praying for you each and every hour of everyday. I love you all very much.

    It is times like these when our faith is truly tested, and when we must dig deep into our hearts to find the strength to make it through. I truly believe Joe is a fighter and that he has found that strength. He is an incredible man and someone I will always admire.

    Please know that you are never far from our thoughts and prayers. If there is anything I can do to help (even if you just want me to teach you how a pro plays blackjack - remember I was up over 500 pretend dollars this Christmas), please don't hesitate to call.


  3. Huntsville may be a big city, but it's a small town in its heart - it's why so many people love it so! This tragedy hurt everyone... so we're all doing what we can for those who stubbornly refuse to let go. (Yes, "stubborn," Dr. Leahy! And STAY that way!)

    Have the Leahy family members mingled with the Monticciolo family members? How is Stephanie doing? Do you know if there's a similar blog for her?

    --Emily Nuzum

  4. On behalf of the Mathematics Department at North Olmsted High School in Ohio I send our thoughts and prayers to Joe and the entire family. We pray for strength for Joe to aid in his recovery and we pray for strength for your family as you follow and support Joe on his path to recovery!


    Beth Holland
    Mathematics Department Chair
    North Olmsted, Ohio

  5. so kind of you to take the time to keep us all updated. Thank you for the effort. I was a graduate student in the dept when Joe was Hired, and taught for the department for several years after I finished my doctoral work. Joe was a friend and colleague. He is in my thoughts daily.

    Thanks again for your efforts here,

    Jim Daniels

  6. From one neighbor to another, your family is in our thoughts at this time. The children prayed the Rosary at St Johns Sunday school the other day and they ask daily about Stephens Dad. Stephen has played baseball many times in our front yard and cul de sac. We are praying for strength for all of you at this time. The Brouillette's - Chris, Rick, Josh (10) and Danielle (7) 134 Leabrook Circle

  7. Joe and his family are in our thoughts and prayers. My family and I are natives of the Circleville OH area I new Joe 30 years ago and was saddened when I heard the tragic news. It was very nice to see the photo of the Leahy family. Looking forward to reading more on Joe's progress and will pray for his speedy and full recovery.
    Cindy (Nichols) Hohenstein and family.

  8. Ginny, Joe and Family,

    You have been constantly in my thoughts. I continue to pray for all of you, and encouraged by the positive response from Joe. Hang in there!



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