Monday, February 15, 2010

Update 1

This is Joe's brother-in-law Mark (Lisa's husband) posting. I can't presume to speak for everyone, but we are a close-knit family, and I can certainly say on behalf of all the Leahys, Warneckes, and Scherers, thanks to everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and contributions to this new blog, and to the dedication page on Facebook. Special thanks to Derek Mayer for establishing this page.

There will be many ups and downs in the coming days as Joe continues his fight, so please keep your thoughts and prayers coming, not only for Joe and our families, but for those of all the victims (and, although it is hard for me to say, for the soul of the person responsible for these crimes).

I believe it is our intention to use this blog as a kind of a one-stop "clearing house" for information on Joe's condition. After I confer more with Lisa, Paul, and the others, we'll get whatever information we can offer posted here on a regular (or semi-regular) basis.

Thank you again, and our love to all.

Mark S.


  1. Our prayers are with you all. I saw where someone suggest you use a caring bridge page. That is a good way to keep people posted and get information out. I teach at Holy Spirit and we have put Joe on as many prayer lists as we can. We are with you in prayer and I am confident that your faith will be your strength through this terrible time.
    God Bless. Karrie Bajoras

  2. Hello Mark & Lisa. This is Debi (Ott) Blount and I appreciate you creating this site for the host of friends and family who are thinking and praying for you, Joe and your families. I am deeply saddened by this devastating event and am praying for you. Please know that you are all on so many prayer chains and that you are being supported emotionally, spiritually, and lovingly and there is strength in numbers. I pray for Joe and your families and I pray that you are all finding strength to endure this ordeal. We all will continue to lift you up in prayer.


  3. Channel 10 in Columbus, Ohio did a quick report about Joe. If you are interested in seeing it or reading the text, click on Keep the prayers coming. Theresa

  4. My warmest thoughts and purest hopes are with you all during this time. Hang in there, Dr. Leahy!! I've been wanting to take a class from you, so you'd better be teaching next term! :D

    Thank you to all the family members for establishing an outlet for best-possible-info (for those of us who aren't close enough to get through the HIPAA tape but are still hanging on every word).

    Dr. Leahy, you're in good hands. Stay as stubborn as the rumors claim. ;)

    --Emily L. Nuzum (Molecular Bio, UAH)

  5. We in snowy Ohio are constantly adding to our prayer group & holding all of you close every minute ov every day.

    "Because we can pray, we are ordinary people with extraordinary power; we are natural people who can live supernatural lives." Anonymous

    If our first response it to pray, we will see the power of God come into our lives in ways that will leave our mouths hanging open in awe." Joyce Meyer
    We love & miss you,
    Rick & Lisa

  6. Hello Mark and Lisa

    Thank you so much for updating us about Dr Leahy. since he is responsive its a great sign....I am so glad...
    we all will continue to pray for Dr Joe leahy ....


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