Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update 2-16, Mark

Hi Friends,

The family at the hospital asked me to pass along a couple of items: First, they treasure all of the love, support, and prayers they are receiving, both in-person and via these electronic message boards. Keep the messages coming -- they are being read and are greatly appreciated. For those of you in the Huntsville area who are able to come to the hospital, they wanted me to let you know that the family only has 4 short windows of time each day when they can visit with Joe. So, if they break away from you in the midst of a conversation or otherwise don't get to visit with you as much as they might like, we trust you'll understand -- they literally have to be ready to dash away the minute they get the opportunity to go into the room.

Secondly, for the many people who have asked about sending flowers or other items to the room, understand that they're not allowed into the ICU rooms. Ginny asks that all you send are prayers of support, and lots of them. (Cards to their home address -- 203 Pebblebrook Drive, Madison, AL 35758, would be fine as well) (my editorial comment).

We'll post more as we can. Love and thanks to all.



  1. Thank you for the updates......
    since we do not want to disturb the family by visiting the hospital, your blogs are the only source to find out about Dr Leahy's recovery...
    I am praying everyday for Dr Leahy..

  2. Dear Family
    Thank you for keeping us informed. You are all in my thoughts and prayers every day as well as my friends and co-workers prayers.
    Love Kerry


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