Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Medical Update, Tuesday night, mark

Ok gang, I'm going to try to provide an update on Joe's medical progress today, as related to me by Lisa, Paul, and others. If any of you readers are medical pros, prepare to cringe as I blunder through some of this.

The biggest developments of the day were the successful procedures to remove the various tubes that had been in Joe's mouth, and their replacement with a tracheotomy and a feeding "peg" into the stomach. He has adjusted to the trach. well and seems a good deal more comfortable with the new devices in place. He is going to be getting his first "milkshake" through the feeding tube tomorrow. His sodium levels have dropped to a less-troubling range, and all his vital signs are good.

There are continuing concerns about the swelling in the brain but, as Stephen mentioned in an earlier post, this is normal for the kind of trauma he has suffered. The hope is that we may be at or near the worst time for the most dangerous swelling, and yet it hasn't been bad enough for the doctors to feel the need to administer any drugs to address the issue, which is a good thing because those can have other adverse side effects. (Again, any medicos out there can clean up whatever mess I'm making on these points).

Sometime within the next week, doctors hope to begin procedures to repair some of the fractures in Joe's facial bones -- jaw, cheek, etc, so that will be a big step as well.

He's getting music pumped in via his hi-tech "astronaut" bed (it is "Space City," after all), and seems to be comforted by that as well.

All in all, a positive day. But there will be ups and downs, as you all know. Not out of the woods, still in the middle of the thicket. Keep the prayers coming, and we'll keep you informed as best we can.

And I should point out -- Joe will want everyone to be pulling hard for Ohio State against Purdue tomorrow night.

Love and thanks to all.



  1. Mark,

    You are doing a masterful job keeping us all up to date. Thank you! Our prayers continue for Joe and the rest of the Leahy family. He is certainly a strong fighter!

    John Possel

  2. Great update Mark...thank you. It seems there are many positive things beginning to happen.

  3. God bless all! Pulling for the Buckeyes! Because we're entering Lent, and you're about journey through a huge amount of hard work, I am recommending that Joe plan on taking next Lent (2011) off!

    Keep good spirits, God is doing amazing things!!

    Greg T.

  4. Thanks for the update. If you talked doctor talk then most of us would be lost so layman's talk works for most of us

  5. Thank you so much for these updates and the opportunity to be w/ you in this way. I'm praying throughout the day for all of you, esp for Joe's full recovery. I weep for what you're going thru, but I also weep for joy for your steadfast faith. Please give Mel & Kate a special hug for me! Your whole family is such a blessing. I will keep praying. Bless you.

  6. Just wanted to share that the folks at Holy Family School extended a touching prayer for Joe and his family during the HISL Basketball Tournament featuring 2 of our 7/8 grade boys basketball teams from St. John's School last night. Their Athletic Director shared, on a personal note, how much Joe has done for the track programs in the league, and as we all know, what a wonderful person Joe is. It really was a touching moment for all of us in attendance. We are praying for you Joe...for as long as it takes, and then some!

  7. Love to all of you - thank you so much for the blog. We want you all to know how much we care for you. You are a wonderful family and are a blessing to our community. Our prayers are with you always. - The Barkleys

  8. Thank you for the updates. Leahy family - you have people all over the world praying for you. Those of us who are local are here to help with anything - so please let us know if we can be of service. Love, light, and prayers coming your way.
    -Tracy (Daniel Lang's mom)

  9. Thanks so much for letting us know how Dr. Leahy is doing. He and the entire Leahy family are in our constant prayers. I'm normally not a Buckeyes fan, but for Joe, I'll be one tonight!

  10. Thank for posting these updates. Sounds like you have lots of support, but if you need anything, please let us know. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sharon and David Frost


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