Sunday, February 14, 2010

Opening Post

On Friday, February 12th Dr. Leahy was wounded by a disgruntled colleague during a shooting rampage at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He survived the attack, and struggles to recover at Huntsville Hospital.

This is the official blog for the family and friends of Dr. Leahy to track his recovery.

A Facebook page is dedicated at:

Information on Dr. Leahy and his research:

Information about the attack:


  1. I teach in the English department and do not know Dr. Leahy personally. However, many of my students have spoken highly of him. Dr. Leahy and his family are in the prayers of thousands across Huntsville and all over the U.S. May God speed his recovery.

  2. We in Ohio are praying for all of the Leahy & Scherer families.
    "If our first response is to pray, we will see the power of God come into our lives in ways that will leave our mouths hanging open in awe."
    Joyce Meyer
    "Because we can pray, we are ordinary people with extraordinary power; we are natural people who can live supernatural lives." source unknown
    We love all of you. Rick & Lisa

  3. This is Joe's brother-in-law Mark (Lisa's husband) posting. I can't presume to speak for everyone, but we are a close-knit family, and I can certainly say on behalf of all the Leahys, Warneckes, and Scherers, thanks to everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and contributions to this new blog, and to the dedication page on Facebook. Special thanks to Derek Mayer for establishing this page.

    There will be many ups and downs in the coming days as Joe continues his fight, so please keep your thoughts and prayers coming, not only for Joe and our families, but for those of all the victims (and, although it is hard for me to say, for the soul of the person responsible for these crimes).

    I believe it is our intention to use this blog as a kind of a one-stop "clearing house" for information on Joe's condition. After I confer more with Lisa, Paul, and the others, we'll get whatever information we can offer posted here on a regular (or semi-regular) basis.

    Thank you again, and our love to all.

    Mark S.

  4. Thank you Mark helping to keep all of us who care so much for your family up to date. I had the wonderful opportunity of working for Dr. L for over 3 years and completing my Master's degree under his supervision. As you can see from the hundreds of posts, he is an inspirational teacher and he continues to be a inspiration to all throughout his fight.

  5. I worked for Dr. Leahy for 3 years, he's like a father to me!! I pray that he has a speedy recovery, and I wish his family the best!!!
    I love you, Dr. L!!
    BIG HUG!!! :)


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